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Lucky Gawu Dragon Necklace

Lucky Gawu Dragon Necklace

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  • Unlock the power of an artifact used for 1,500 years
  • Perfect Gift, includes a free gift box
  • Can be used for a wish, to hold ashes etc.

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  • 1-year quality warranty
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Gawu is a tradition inspired from Buddhism to encapsulate something of value in an artifact. Tibetans wear Gawus for luck. Indeed, you can write down a wish on a piece of paper and lock it inside the Gawu until the wish is fulfilled. In addition, a Gawu is a reminder of love. To gift a Gawu means to wish your lover health, happiness and luck. According to them, opening an old Gawu is as to entering a person’s heart that contains his or her own secrets inside.


- Handcrafted and made of anti-corrosion alloy and Sterling Silver plated
- Perfect for everyday wear
- Highly durable
- Weight: 0.5oz / 16g
- Size: 1.65*0.5in / 0.42*0.12cm
- Unisex


The package comes with:
- a 50cm stainless steel chain;
- a 1-year quality warranty;
- a Kings Of Valhalla® gift box.

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The Perfect Gift

Our Gawu is the perfect gift with meaning. The ideas and possibilities behind it are endless:
- a jewel to hold a secret message to be opened only on a certain occasion;
- to hold cremains of a loved one;
- to make a wish;
- or a beautiful jewel to offer to your lover for protection and luck, like the Tibetans do.

Take full advantage of the Year of the Dragon

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, we had our craftsmen carve inside the Gawu's body a Dragon, the most important sign of the Chinese Astrology, symbol of power and luck.

As a reminder, the Year of the Dragon is the year of opportunities and big events. The perfect time to try your luck with our Gawu!


If the product appears as sold out, will it be back in stock?

Yes. If this is the case, we are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we always work around the clock to have more Gawus available.

As a reminder, each Gawu is handmade. It is difficult for us to keep up with the demand sometimes since we cannot mass produce it. If you want to be sure to get it when it is back in stock, we advise you to subscribe to our newsletter by leaving your email below.

What is included in the package?

The package comes with:
- a 50cm stainless steel chain;
- a 1-year quality warranty;
- a Kings Of Valhalla® gift box;

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